UCLA Journal of Religion Vol. 5

UCLA Journal of Religion Vol. 5 (Complete)

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“Luck as Contemporary Folkloric Magic: A Multidisciplinary Approach.” By Alexandre Duceppe-Lenoir

“Andean Messianism and the Resurgence of Earth-Based Religions.” By Arnold Arnez

“Who’s in Charge Here? How Traditional and Feminist Scholars Explain the Story of Jesus and the Canaanite/Syrophoenician Woman.” By Anne Katherine Edwards

“Wallada and Hafsa: Gender and Mobility through Medieval Andalusian Poetry.” By Kenley Borgerson

“Job and the Unknown Wife: Through the Lens of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” By Hannah Hathaway

“Religious Dimensions of Kurdish Environmentalism.” By Hugh Schmidt

“Jesus, James, And Job: Christian Perspectives On Innocent Suffering.” By Naomi Brill