Contract Courses

Contract Courses are supervised individual research or investigation under guidance of faculty member, with a culminating paper or project. To petition for a contract course, please follow the instructions below. Note: If your course and professor are not listed then you will not be able to do a contract for that particular course.

  1. Logon to your MyUCLA account
  2. Click onto “Classes” then “Contract Courses” link on the left hand side under “Classes and Exams” and “Submit a New Contract”
  3. Carefully read how the process works and “Continue”
  4. Choose the correct term in which you want to do the contract.
  5. Carefully read the directions and “Print steps” or “Continue”
  6. Choose the course and instructor for your contract and “Continue”. This will be ___ (189HC, 195,197, 199)
  7. Select grading type as “Pass/No pass” or “Letter/grade” and select units [for it to count for your major course must be for letter grade and minimum of 4 units]
  8. You will need to designate what type of paper/project with your faculty that will be evidence of your completion of the course and fill in the three boxes with the information requested. You should speak with the professor first before filling out this part of the contract.
  9. Have your contract signed by your professor and submit it to Study of Religion College Academic Counselor (CAC) in the quarter you are taking the course. The Study of Religion CAC will enroll you in the course. The deadline to submit your contract is Thursday of second week of the quarter. The Study of Religion CAC is Beth Kraemer. Her email is and she is located in Kaplan 222A.