UCLA Journal of Religion Vol. 2

UCLA Journal of Religion Vol. 2 (Complete)

Click on the link above to download the Vol 2 in its entirety, including a graphically designed cover, editor’s introduction, and hyperlinked table of contents.

Kush Depala, “When the Absolute is Not the Ultimate: The Mystical Experience of Akṣarabrahman as the Guru in the Swaminarayan Tradition

Joanna Tien, “Belief-In and Belief-That as a Solution to the Problem of Evil”

Tilak Parekh, “Living Liberation in Opposing Theologies: The End Shapes the Means”

Dale MacLean, “Pascal’s Wager: Rejecting Athiesm”

Eva Chang, “Scarred and Silenced by Her Spouses: Domestic Violence in The Life of Dorothea von Montau”

Moshe Daniel Levine, “Kapparot (Ritual Slaughter) in Hasidic Communities: A Test Case of Competing Comprehensive Doctrines”

Roxann Delman Giuliano, “Secularization of Mindfulness: Downfalls and Successes of Cross-Cultural Transmission”

Rachel Evans, “Faith and Medicine: How Two Pennsylvania Hospitals Navigated Religious Affiliation”

Connor D. Eliot, “Developing Tolerance and Conservatism: A Study of Ibadi Oman”