Pre-Approved Courses

If you do not see a course on this Pre-Approved Master Course List, please read below in order to petition for review.

The following courses have been approved by the faculty adviser and Chair of the Study of Religion to be used to fulfill the Study of Religion major requirement. Please contact Study of Religion Student Affairs Officer in 378A Kaplan Hall, 310-825-4165 with your questions or concerns.

  • Note: Some of these courses will not automatically be approved for the major by the Registrar’s Office, as they are not explicitly listed in the UCLA catalog for the SOR major. For those courses that are pre-approved by the faculty adviser, but not by the Registrar’s Office, you must go through the petition process.
  • The list below is not exhaustive. Other courses not on this list may be used for the major by petition. Please consult with the faculty adviser to seek approval in advance of taking the course.
  • The category that a given course fulfills is to be determined in consultation with the Chair of the department.
  • Lower Division Courses listed may be used for the “Preparation for the Major.” Just like the upper division courses, some of these courses are listed in the catalog, while others require petitions.
  • Lower Division Courses should be used only for the “Preparation.” Special permission from the faculty adviser is required for a lower-division course to be used for upper-division credit.
  • Cross-listed courses are listed below under multiple departments and denoted with an M.
AFRO-AM 6Trends In Black Intellectual Thought
AFRO-AM M104AEarly African American Literature
AN N EA 15Women and Power in the Ancient World
AN N EA 103AAncient Egyptian Civilization
AN N EA 103BAncient Egypt Civilization
AN N EA 110CIranian Civilization
AN N EA 121BIntermediate Ancient Egyptian Readings
AN N EA 150AHeroes, Gods, and Monsters: Literature and Epic in Mesopotamia
AN N EA C177Variable Topics in Ancient Near East: Women in Ancient Egypt
AN N EA CM101AArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to New Kingdom
AN N EA M50BOrigins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
AN N EA M104History of Ancient Mesopotamia and Syria
AN N EA M104BSumerians
AN N EA M104DAssyrians
AN N EA M110BIranian Civilization
AN N EA M130Ancient Egypt Religion
AN N EA M135Religion in Ancient Israel
AN N EA M167Magic in Ancient World
AN N EA M185DReligions of Ancient Near East
ANTHRO 2Archaeology: Introduction
ANTHRO 3Culture and Society
ANTHRO 4Culture and Communication
ANTHRO 114PAncient Religions of Mesoamerica
ANTHRO 114QAncient Civilization of Andean South America
ANTHRO 114RAncient Civilization of Andean South America
ANTHRO 130Study of Culture
ANTHRO 131Critical Social Theory
ANTHRO 136BIntroduction to Psychological Anthropologyy
ANTHRO 156Anthropology of Religion
ANTHRO 160ANative North Americans
ANTHRO 162Ethnography of South America
ANTHRO 163RJapan
ANTHRO 167Culture Area of Middle East
ANTHRO 168PCultures of Pacific
ANTHRO 169Selected Topics in Regional Cultures
ANTHRO M166QCulture Area of Maghrib (North Africa)
ARABIC 120Islamic Texts
ART HIS 20Ancient Art
ART HIS 21Medieval Art
ART HIS 22Renaissance and Baroque Art
ART HIS 29Chinese Art
ART HIS 31Art of India and Southeast Asia
ART HIS 119BEastern Islamic Art
ART HIS 124Northern Renaissance Art
ART HIS 150AJapanese Art
ART HIS 152AArts of Korea
ART HIS 154AEarly Art of India
ART HIS 154BLater Art of India
ART HIS 156Arts of Southeast Asia
ART HIS 185Undergraduate Seminar: Death, Dying, and Memorials
ART HIS C115ALate Antique Art and Architecture
ART HIS C141Colonial Latin American Art
ART HIS C148CArt and Material Culture of Late Imperial China, 906 to 1911
ART HIS C148DAdvanced Chinese Art
ART HIS C152DHistory of Korean Buddhist Art
ART HIS M110AArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to New Kingdom
ART HIS M112BArchaic Greek Art and Archaeology
ART HIS M113BRoman Art and Archaeology
ASIA AM 187BSpecial Courses in Asian American Themes: Re-Viewing Religion in Asian and Pacific America
ASIAN 151Buddhist Literature in Translation
ASIAN 162Buddhist Meditation Traditions
ASIAN M61Introduction to Zen Buddhism
BIOENGR 165EWBioengineering Ethics
CHICANO 10AIntroduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies: History and Culture
CHICANO 142Mesoamerican Literature
CHIN 50WIntroduction to Chinese Civilization
CHIN 165Introduction to Chinese Buddhist Texts
CHIN 180Chinese Mythology and Supernatural
CHIN 265ASeminar: Chinese Buddhist Texts
CHIN 265BSeminar: Chinese Buddhist Texts
CHIN C175Introduction to Chinese Thought
CHIN CM160Chinese Buddhism
CHIN M60Chinese Religions
CLASSICS 10Discovering Greeks
CLASSICS 20Discovering Romans
CLASSICS 30Classical Mythology
CLASSICS 42Cinema and Ancient World
CLASSICS 51AArt and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
CLASSICS 60Fantastic Journey: Antiquity and Beyond
CLASSICS 142Ancient Epic
CLASSICS 143AAncient Tragedy
CLASSICS 145AAncient Greek and Roman Philosophy
CLASSICS 148Early Greek Medicine and Thought
CLASSICS 161Women’s History in Ancient Mediterranean
CLASSICS 162Classical Myth in Literature
CLASSICS 164Spectacle Entertainments of Ancient Rome
CLASSICS 165Ancient Athletics
CLASSICS 166AGreek Religion
CLASSICS 166BRoman Religion
CLASSICS 168Comparative Mythology
CLASSICS M153AMinoan Art and Archaeology
CLASSICS M153CArchaic Greek Art and Archaeology
CLASSICS M153DClassical Greek Art and Archaeology
CLASSICS M153GRoman Art and Archaeology
CLASSICS M167Magic in Ancient World
CLASSICS M170CPower and Imagination in Byzantium
COMP LIT 2AWSurvey of Literature: Antiquity to Middle Ages
COMP LIT 4AWLiterature And Writing: Antiquity To Middle Ages
COMP LIT 4CWLiterature and Writing: Age of Enlightenment to 20 th Century
COMP LIT 4DWLiterature and Writing: Great Books from World at Large
COMP LIT 191Variable Topics in Comparative Literature
COMP LIT C160Literature and Visual Arts
COMP LIT M101Hebrew Literature in English: Literary Traditions of Ancient Israel -- Bible and Apocrypha
COMP LIT M165Holocaust in Literature
ENG COMP 5WLiterature, Culture, and Critical Inquiry
ENGL 111AHebrew Bible in Translation
ENGL 111BChristian Biblical Texts in Translation
ENGL 111CTopics in Biblical Literature
ENGL 120History of Aesthetics and Critical Theory
ENGL 121Modern And Contemporary Aesthetics And Critical Theory
ENGL 125Violence in Cultural Theory and Literature
ENGL 129Topics in Genre Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Critical Theory
ENGL 141Early Medieval Literature
ENGL 142Later Medieval Literature
ENGL 145Medieval Literatures Of Devotion And Dissent
ENGL 151Milton
ENGL 155Renaissance Subjects
ENGL 156Devotion and Dissent
ENGL 160ALiterature of Restoration and Earlier 18th Century, 1660 to 1730
ENGL 162AEarlier Romantic Literature
ENGL 182ATopics in Medieval Literature
ENGL M104AEarly African American Literature
ENGR 183EWEngineering And Society
ENVIRON M132Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
ETHNOMU 40Music and Religion
FRNCH 117Studies in 17th-Century French Culture and Literature
GE CLST 21CWHistory of Modern Thought: Special Topics
GE CLST 30ANever-Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Myth
GE CLST 30BNever-Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary
Perspectives on Myth
GE CLST 30CWNever-Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary
Perspectives on Myth
Gender Studies M128Roots of Patriarchy: Ancient Goddesses and Heroines
GEOG M115Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
GERMAN 59Holocaust in Film and Literature
GERMAN 109Jewish Question and German Thought
GERMAN 11519th Century German Philosophy
GERMAN 11620TH-Century German Philosophy
GLBL ST 1Introduction to Globalization
GLBL ST 191Variable Topics Research Seminar: Global Studies Globalizing Muslims: Islamic Travelers in a Global Arena
GREEK 101AHomer: Odyssey
GREEK 130Readings in New Testament
HEBREW 110BIntroduction to Biblical Hebrew: Readings of Biblical Prose Texts
HEBREW 120Biblical Texts
HEBREW 130Rabbinic Texts
HEBREW 230Rabbinic Hebrew Literature
HIST 1AIntroduction to Western Civilization: Ancient Civilizations, Prehistory to Circa A.D. 843
HIST 1BIntroduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843 to Circa 1715
HIST 1CIntroduction To Western Civilization: Circa 1715 to Present
HIST 2CReligion, Occult, and Science: Mystics, Heretics, and Witches in Western Tradition, 1000 to 1600
HIST 5Holocaust: History and Memory
HIST 9AIntroduction To Asian Civilizations: History Of India
HIST 9CIntroduction to Asian Civilizations: History of Japan
HIST 9DIntroduction to Asian Civilizations: History of Middle East
HIST 9EIntroduction to Asian Civilizations: Southeast Asian Crossroads
HIST 10BHistory of Africa, 1800 to Present
HIST 11AHistory of China to 1000
HIST 11BHistory of China, circa 1000 to 2000
HIST 20World History to A.D. 600
HIST 21World History Circa 600 to 1760
HIST 22Contemporary World History, 1760 to Present
HIST 96WIntroduction to Historical Practice:
HIST 97CIntroduction to Historical Practice: Variable Topics in European History: Approaches to Cultural History and Art and Society
HIST 97DIntroduction to Historical Practice: Variable Topics in U.S. History: Salem Witches Meet the Historians
HIST 97FIntroduction to Historical Practice: Israeli Palestinian Conflict in Arabic and Hebrew Literature
HIST 97GINTRODUCTION TO HISTORICAL PRACTICE: VARIABLE TOPICS IN EAST ASIAN HISTORY: Asia in the Age of Marco Polo: Views and Viewpoints of European and Muslim Travelers
HIST 105ASurvey of Middle East, 500 to Present: 500 to 1300
HIST 105BSurvey of Middle East, 500 to Present: 1300 to 1700
HIST 105CSurvey of Middle East, 500 to Present: 1700 to Present
HIST 107AArmenian History: Ancient & Medieval Times
HIST 108AHistory of North Africa from Islamic Conquest
HIST 108BHistory of Islamic Iberia
HIST 109BHistory of Israeli- Palestinian Conflict, 1881 to Present
HIST 111CTopics in Middle Eastern History: Modern
HIST 112AHistory of Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 113AHistory of Ancient Greece: Rise of Greek City-States
HIST 113BHistory of Ancient Greece: Classical Period
HIST 114AHistory of Rome to Death of Caesar
HIST 114BHistory of Rome from Death of Caesar to Time of Constantine
HIST 114CHistory of Rome: Transformation of Classical World
HIST 116AByzantine History
HIST 116BByzantine History
HIST 119AMedieval Europe, 400 to 1000
HIST 119BMedieval Europe, 1000 to 1500
HIST 119DTopics in Medieval History: The Myth of the Superhero: Then And Now; Sex in the Middle Ages
HIST 121AHistory of Modern Europe: Renaissance and Reformation, 1450 to 1660
HIST 121BHistory of Modern Europe: Baroque Culture and Absolutist Politics, 1600 to 1715
HIST 122ACultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, 15th Century
HIST 125BNationalism and Modernization in 19th- Century Germany
HIST 131AMarxist Theory and History
HIST 157BIndians of Colonial Mexico
HIST 174AEarly History of India
HIST 175ACultural and Political History of Contemporary South Asia
HIST 175CSpecial Topics in Contemporary Indian History: Muslim Reformation? Islam, Modernity, and Empire in British India
HIST 179AVariable Topics in History of Medicine: Historic Roots of Healing Arts
HIST 183AThird Reich and Jews
HIST 183BThird Reich and Jews
HIST 185BReligions of South and Southeast Asia
HIST 191ACapstone Seminar: History—Ancient History: Age of Constantine the Great
HIST 191BCapstone Seminar: History—Medieval: Medieval Conflict
HIST 191FCapstone Seminar: History: Near East
HIST 191GCapstone Seminar: History—East Asia: Love, Sexuality, and Social Order in Late Imperial China
HIST 191JCapstone Seminar: History -- Africa: Islam and Muslim Communities in African History
HIST 191KCapstone Seminar: History: History of Religions
HIST 191LCapstone Seminar: History -- Jewish History
HIST 191NCapstone Seminar: History—India: Mystics, Rebels, and Messiahs in Modern Muslim World
HIST M4Introduction to History of Religions
HIST M10AHistory of Africa to 1800
HIST M103AHistory of Ancient Egypt
HIST M103BHistory of Ancient Egypt
HIST M104AHistory of Ancient Mesopotamia and Syria
HIST M104BSumerians
HIST M104CBabylonians
HIST M104DAssyrians
HIST M106Premodern Islam
HIST M108CCulture Area of Maghrib (North Africa)
HIST M110AIranian Civilization
HIST M110BIranian Civilization
HIST M110CIranian Civilization
HIST M116CPower and Imagination in Byzantium
HIST M122ECultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, 19th Century
HIST M142CHistory of Religion in U.S.
HIST M150BIntroduction to Afro-American History
HIST M173CShinto, Buddhism, and Japanese Folk Religion
HIST M174DIndo-Islamic Interactions, 700 to 1750
HIST M181Topics in Jewish History
HIST M182AAncient Jewish History
HIST M182BMedieval Jewish History
HIST M182CModern Jewish History
HIST M185DReligions of Ancient Near East
HIST M185FHistory of Early Christians
HIST M185GReligious Environment of Early Christians
HIST M185IJesus of Nazareth in Historical Research
HNRS 7Saint and Heretic: Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais, History and Myth
HNRS 12Sacred Form: Literature and Poetry in India from Bronze Age to Premodern Times
HNRS 57Language, Performance, and Culture
HNRS 173ALiberty, Government, and Society in European Thought
HNRS 184India and Pakistan: Historic Roots of Conflict and Prospects for Cooperation
HNRS M118Roots of Patriarchy: Ancient Goddesses and Heroines
I A STD 188Special Courses in International and Area Studies: Religious and Ethnic Conflict in Middle East
I E STD C160Indo-European Comparative Mythology and Poetics
IRANIAN 131Introduction to Judeo-Persian: Literature and Culture
IRANIAN 142Persian Popular Ethics
IRANIAN 170Religion in Ancient Iran
IRANIAN M105ABaha’i Faith in Iran: Historical and Sociological Survey
IRANIAN M105BBaha’i Faith in Iran: Surveys of Baha’i Scriptures and Thought
IRANIAN M105CBaha’i Faith in Iran: 20th Century Iran and the Baha’is
ISLAMIC 130Shi'a in Islamic History
ISLAMIC M111Introduction to Islamic Archaeology
ITALIAN 42AItaly through Ages in English: Saints and Sinners in Early Modern Italy
ITALIAN 103AIntroduction to Classic Italian Literary and Cultural Studies
ITALIAN 110Dante in English
ITALIAN 113Dante’s “La Divina Commedia” (in Italian)
ITALIAN 114BMiddle Ages: Medieval Humor, Moralism, and Society
JAPAN 161Religious Life in Modern Japan
JAPAN 170Japanese Tales of Supernatural
JAPAN 265ASeminar: Japanese Buddhist Texts
JAPAN C159Variable Topics in Culture and Society in Japan
JAPAN CM160Japanese Buddhism
JEWISH 144Zionism: Ideology and Practice in Making of Jewish State
JEWISH 150BHebrew Literature in English: Rabbinic Judaism
JEWISH 170Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism
JEWISH 175Modern Israeli Literature Made into Films
JEWISH 177Variable Topics in Jewish Studies
JEWISH 191Variable Topics Research Seminar: Jewish Studies
JEWISH M10Social, Cultural and Religious Institutions of Judaism
JEWISH M142Modern Israel: Politics, Society, Culture
JEWISH M150AHebrew Literature in English: Literary Traditions of Ancient Israel -- Bible and Apocrypha
JEWISH M155Angels, Demons, and End of World: Magic, Mysticism, and Apocalypse in Jewish Traditions
JEWISH M181Topics in Jewish History
JEWISH M182AAncient Jewish History
JEWISH M182BMedieval Jewish History
KOREAN 50History of Korean Civilization
KOREAN 172Topics in Korean Christianity
KOREAN 176Introduction to Korean Confucian Texts
KOREAN 177Intellectual History of Modern Korean
KOREAN 180AHistory of Korea through 1259
KOREAN 180BHistory of Korea, 1260 through 1876
KOREAN 180CHistory of Korea since 1876
KOREAN 183Korean Folklore
KOREAN CM160Korean Buddhism
KOREAN CM165Introduction to Korean Buddhist Texts
KOREAN M60Introduction To Korean Religions
LBR&WS 173Nonviolence and Social Movements
M E STD M50AFirst Civilizations
M E STD M50BOrigins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
M E STD M50CWMaking and Studying Modern Middle East
M E STD M111Introduction to Islamic Archaeology
M E STD M142Modern Israel: Politics, Society, Culture
MUSCLG 3Introduction to Classical Music
MUSCLG 66Getting Medieval
MUSCLG 72Sacred Music
PHILOS 2Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
PHILOS 3Historical Introduction to Philosophy
PHILOS 5Philosophy in Literature
PHILOS 7Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
PHILOS 21Skepticism and Rationality
PHILOS 22Introduction To Ethical Theory
PHILOS 100AHistory of Greek Philosophy
PHILOS 100BMedieval and Early Modern Philosophy
PHILOS 100CHistory of Modern Philosophy, 1650 to 1800
PHILOS 104Topics in Islamic Philosophy
PHILOS 107Topics in Medieval Philosophy
PHILOS 150Society and Morals
PHILOS 151AHistory of Ethics: Selected Classics in Ancient Ethical Theories—Plato, Aristotle
PHILOS 153ATopics in Ethical Theory: Normative Ethics
PHILOS 154BTopics in Value Theory: Moral Responsibility and Free Will
PHILOS 155AMedical Ethics
PHILOS 170Philosophy of Mind
PHILOS 175Topics in Philosophy of Religion
PHILOS 177AExistentialism
PHILOS C153BTopics in Ethical Theory: Metaethics
POL SCI 10Introduction to Political Theory
POL SCI 20World Politics
POL SCI 30Politics and Strategy
POL SCI 50Introduction To Comparative Politics
POL SCI 165Islam and Politics
POL SCI M114AAmerican Political Thought I, 1620 to 1865
POL SCI M115DDiversity, Disagreement, and Democracy
RELIGN 110Religion and Violence
RELIGN 120Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Comparative Approach
RELIGN 150Women, Gender, and Religion
RELIGN 160Religion, Film, and Media
RELIGN 177Variable Topics in Religion
RELIGN 180Religion and Modern Critical Thought
RELIGN 191Capstone Seminar: Variables Topics Research Seminars: Study of Religion
RELIGN 199Directed Research – Contract Course
RELIGN M40Christianity East and West
RELIGN M186CJesus of Nazareth in Historical Research
RUSSIAN 122Siberia
RUSSIAN C124DStudies in Russian Literature: Dostoevsky
RUSSIAN C124TStudies In Russian Literature: Tolstoy
S ASIAN CM160Buddhism in India
S ASIAN M60Religion in Classical India: Introduction
SCAND 50WIntroduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures
SCAND 134Scandinavian Mythology
SEASIAN 135Religion and Society in Southeast Asia
SEASIAN C140Zomia: Peoples, Societies, and Cultures of Upland Southeast Asia
SLAVIC 201Introduction to Old Church Slavic
SLAVIC M40Christianities: East and West
SOCIOL 1Introductory Sociology
SOCIOL 20Introduction to Sociological Research Methods
SPAN 130Topics in Medieval Studies
URBAN PL M165Environmentalist: Past, Present, and Future
WLD ART 120Selected Topics in Cultural Studies
WLD ARTS 1Introduction to World Arts and Cultures
WLD ARTS 22Introduction To American Folklore Studies
WLD ARTS 24World Arts, Local Lives
WLD ARTS 33Colonialisms and Resistance
WLD ARTS 51WAliens, Psychics, and Ghosts
WLD ARTS C139Afro-Caribbean Ritual Arts
WLD ARTS M23Introduction to American Indian Studies
WLD ARTS M130Space and Place