Latest Past Events

Signs of Faith Against Fascism

Kaplan 365

In this book talk, Eric Martin will explore how people of faith can connect their religious traditions with the rise of overtly fascist violence in the United States. With first-hand accounts from the largest white supremacist gathering in modern American history at Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Virginia, Martin will share how the clergy resisting...

EVENT CANCELLED – Confusion of the Babels: Multilingualism and Translation in Ancient Judaism

Royce Hall 306

EVENT CANCELLED. While the usual rendering and  understanding of the Tower of Babel narrative (Gen 11:1–9) presumes the existence of one unified divine and human language (usually Hebrew, but with other candidates) between Eden and Babel, an alternative narrative imagines there having already existed a totality of ‘seventy” languages from the beginning, and only at...

My Grandfather’s Altar

UCLA Faculty Center

Registration closed. The room is at capacity. VENUE CHANGE: This event will now be held at the UCLA Faculty Center. Richard Moves Camp, in conversation with the editor and producer of his book My Grandfather’s Altar: Five Generations of Lakota Holy Men, shares stories from this oral-literary narrative account of five generations of Lakota religious tradition....