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Religion is Physics: A Different Kind of Theory. A Different Kind of Everything.

November 12, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

(Fear not! No math is required for this talk!)

Religion is accused of being many things, but how could Religion be Physics? Physics aims to understand everything with the most economical set of basic concepts, the so-called Theory of Everything. So what is the most economical explanation of Religion? What are its most basic elements?

To some, Religion is the failure of rationality, a “maladaptive” byproduct of evolution. To others, Religion maintains and disseminates moral and cultural values. Some believe that Religion is a psychological phenomenon, while others believe it is a means of mass coercion. Still others believe that their religion is good and the worship of their deities is absolutely necessary for a meaningful life. None of these approaches to Religion present a rigorous definition of religious phenomena. Taking advantage of recent discoveries (some right here on UCLA’s main campus) we will apply the physics of Information processes to Religious systems. It will be shown how Religious phenomena emerge from fundamental physics. The actions and events of Cultural and Religious processes will be distinguished. To explain Religion, a Theory of Everything will not suffice. We need a Theory of Every Thing.


Malcolm Dean is a published author, journalist, and computer consultant. He served as Principal Editor in UCLA’s Dept. of Academic Computing, and as a Principal Investigator for a major scientific fund. He is a member of the Higher Cognitive Affinity Group, BRI, and was a Research Affiliate of UCLA’s Human Complex Systems program.






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November 12, 2020
2:00 pm
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