CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Center for the Study of Religion Graduate Essay Fellowship

Open to all UCLA graduate students.

Grant Description: The Center for the Study of Religion (CSR) invites proposals from graduate students across disciplines to interrogate ways in which religious history, culture, beliefs or practices have intersected their area of study. This award is intended to encourage thought leadership in the interdisciplinary study of religion. To promote the Humanities to the public, this fellowship serves to contribute to the understanding of the ways in which the study of religion contributes to overlapping arenas of inquiry: law, environment, ethics, animal rights, philosophy, psychology, and science, to name but a few.

Recipients of the award must submit a complete essay of 2,000-6,000 words utilizing their research to engage contemporary social, political or moral issues.  It is expected that finished works be submitted by the beginning of Fall quarter 2022 and will be published or presented to the public. This is a $2,500 award that will be disbursed in Summer 2022. Recipients that fail to submit finished work may have their funding revoked.

Application Requirements: Proposals (approx. 500-750 words) must include the following: academic background, name of doctoral advisor/s, your intended research, and essay topic. Essays and final works should be written with an intent to reach a broad audience.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2022